Meet the Judges

Meet our Student Judges made up of our amazing local professionals!

Zee George

Title: Videographer, Gigantic Design Co.

Role: Writes, producess, directs, shoots, edits, and scores client video projects.

A little more about this judge: Zee is completely self-taught at his craft, and if he were ever trapped on a desert island, his companion of choice would be Marvel’s Wanda Maximoff because she could literally rewrite their reality!

Colleen McKenna

Title: Marketing Manager, Cartegraph

Role: Develops and executes the company’s marketing strategy while overseeing the execution of events, digital marketing, social media, and public relations.

A little more about this judge: Colleen holds a BA in English & Public Relations from Loras College, as well as an MA in Public Relations & Advertising from DePaul University. Colleen would share her desert island experience with Bill Murray, because at least they’d die laughing. One of the most impactful ad campaigns to her is J. Howard Miller’s iconic “We Can Do It!” often associated with the “Rosie the Riveter” movement.

Karan Mescher

Title: Graphic Designer, Dupaco Community Credit Union

Role: Creates brand assets that help tell the story of Dupaco’s positive impact on the lives of its members.

A little more about this judge: Ad campaigns that she wishes she would have been part of are World Wildlife Fund’s Pretty Ugly series.

Wendy Scardino

Title: Director of Marketing & Communications, Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium

Role: Leads the planning, creation, execution, and analysis of all marketing efforts for MRMA and the Mathias Ham Historic Site.

A little more about this judge: Wendy earned a MBA from Clarke University, but would rather starve than have to eat bugs to survive on a desert island. She applauds the insurance sector for bringing humor to the industry with Allstate’s “Mayhem” and Progressive’s “We can’t protect you from becoming your parents” ad series.

Meet our uber talented Professional Judges!

Darin Evangelista

Title: Freelance Marketing & Communications specialist

Role: Darin’s chief role with clients is increasing their digital presence through engaging, data-driven content. 

Based in: Denver, Colorado

A little more about this judge: The person Darin would most want to be stranded on an island with is Margaret Hamilton. If anyone could get them off the island, it’s the woman who led the development of the on-board flight software for NASA’s Apollo Moon missions.

Tim Hans

Title: Owner, Tim Hans Photography

Role: Commercial & Fine Art photographer.

Based in: Los Angeles, California

A little more about this judge: Tim holds a BFA from Art Center College of Design. The ad campaign that Tim most wishes he’d come up with is Nike’s “What if we treated all athletes like skateboarders?”

Ron Kohudic

Title: Lead Designer & Art Director, RareiTi

Role: Develops and designs pharmaceutical branding elements for website, mobile, app, & print collateral.

Based in: Chicago, Illinois

A little more about this judge: Ron enjoys his solitude and could definitely survive on a desert island alone, but would still bring his wife along to help keep him sane.

Grant Wilson

Title: Founder/CEO, Magenta Creative

Role: Oversees the company from both creative direction & operational standpoints.

Based in: St. Paul, Minnesota

A little more about this judge:     Grant earned a BFA in Design from Iowa State University, and would totally eat bugs to stay alive on an island if he had to. The ad campaign that he would have loved to have been a part of creating is Chrysler’s “Imported from Detroit.”