Member of the Year

Each year, we honor two individuals at the event – Silver Medal Winner and Member of the Year. Do you know someone that should be recognized for his/her contributions to the advertising industry and/or our club? Now is the time to nominate them! Please see the forms attached for more information.

Nominate someone!

Past AAF Dubuque Member of the Year Winners:

  • 2020 Johanna Talarico
    2019 Michael Manning
    2018 Pat McCullough
    2017 Megan Corkery
    2016 Natalie Kremer
    2015 Amanda Geffre
    2014 Stephonie Schmitz
    2013 Jason Schwass
  • 2012 Shelby Wartick
    2011 Shannon Murphy
    2010 Ryan Brown
    2009 Tasha Lippold
    2008 Jennifer Hanniford
    2007 Tricia Pitz
    2006 Marilyn Kupferschmidt
    2005 Mike Weber
  • 2004 Bill Beutin
    2003 Jamie Specht
    2002 Jodi Splinter
    2001 Jeff McFarlane
    2000 Scott Meyer
    2000 Tom Culbertson
    1999 John Hingtgen