AAF Dubuque Member of the Year

The AAF Dubuque Member of the Year Award is given to an individual who has worked hard over the year to be a driving force behind the American Advertising Federation of Dubuque. Nominees are active participants not only in club activities, but also in planning events and volunteering time.

For more information regarding the Member of the Year Award or to nominate a colleague, please email Stephonie Schmitz

Nomination Form
Past AAF Dubuque Member of the Year Winners:
  • 2015 Amanda Geffre
    2014 Stephonie Schmitz
    2013 Jason Schwass
    2012 Shelby Wartick
    2011 Shannon Murphy
    2010 Ryan Brown
  • 2009 Tasha Lippold
    2008 Jennifer Hanniford
    2007 Tricia Pitz
    2006 Marilyn Kupferschmidt
    2005 Mike Weber
    2004 Bill Beutin
  • 2003 Jamie Specht
    2002 Jodi Splinter
    2001 Jeff McFarlane
    2000 Scott Meyer
    2000 Tom Culbertson
    1999 John Hingtgen